Eric's Leather

Eric is a long time leather worker who strives to update classical designs and come up with strange-fun variations. He creates loads of floggers with all kinds of unique feel to to them, as well as heavy thumpy things like HORSECOCKS, Donkey Dongs, Puppy Pounders, and other delicious nonsense. They have nonstandard names, but they do all kinds of fun stuff. From stingy to thuddy... there's all kinds of sensual pleasures awaiting.

Ellie's Jewelry

Ellie has been making wire and bead jewelry for more than a decade now. She makes everything from day collars/chokers to micromaille rings, to hand flowers (also known as slave rings), anklets, slave bells, non-piercing nipple jewelry (can also work with pierced nipples), cock cages (for chastity or "decorection"), cock jewelry, and body jewelry/chains. The materials she uses are allergy sensitive (nickel and lead free). There are also lots of bells...she will put bells on anything that sits still long enough.

Who are Vanderkins Leather & Jewelry

Vanderkins Leather & Jewelry are the makers of unique jewelry, leather goods, & more. Taking new directions in classic designs as well as truly unique ideas made real. Everything hand made, with passion; striving to bring your jewelry & leather desires to reality.