We offer many varieties of floggers with many different leathers to choose from. Including

  • Bison
  • Buffalo
  • Cow
  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • and more.



Our floggers generally have 32 16-inch falls.  The handles are usually 9 inches long.  If you have specifications you prefer, please let us know when you order.

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There are multiple options for handle braiding:

Barber Pole

The handle is braided to resemble a classic barber's pole pattern. Looks best with two alternating colors, although more can be added.

Bird's Eye Plait 

A lovely style that's not only a stylish variation, but also provides a good grip.

Herringbone Plait

Another classic style. Similar to the V Pattern, alternating layers running down the length of the handle in columns. It produces a wonderful style.

Mini Herringbone

Basically the same as a regular Herringbone braid, only on a much smaller scale. Another good grip area.

Snake Hide Braid

A Vanderkins Leather original. A braid reminiscent of the patterns on a snake skin. To our knowledge, there isn't another out there like it.

V Pattern

A classic style. Again, looks best with two alternating colors of light and dark; but more colors are easily added.

Other Handle Options

Chrome Hame Handle

A Hame is the two curved bars holding the traces of the harness, attached to the collar of a draft animal (usually a horse). To look fancy, they'd have beautiful metal worked tips attached to the ends. We take these chrome hames and put a Three Part Oriental Fan Knot round it.  Gives each of the floggers a different look and feel.

Chrome Hame Floggers start at $150

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Finger Floggers

Another flogger type we stock are finger floggers. Instead of a handle, two loops of strap leather are connected to a swivel. The two floggers are balanced and attached to a D-ring.  They generally have 28 to 32 falls (depending on the hide used).  It makes for truly interesting florentine techniques.

Finger Floggers start at $200 a pair

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