What is a HORSECOCK?


The HORSECOCK family of toys offers all kinds of sensations and uses.  From rough heavy impact to sensual massage, there's a toy for every occasion.




A true original.  A wonderful tool for all manner of play.  The embodiment of utter awesomeness.

...so what the hell is it?

HORSECOCK is roughly 14 to 16 inches long and roughly 2 inches thick. It's rounded shape is reminiscent of a thick bullwhip. The core is a lead shot bag with a wrapping of thick Latigo. It's surrounded by a whipmakers braid of leather giving  a HORSECOCK its' unique style.  HORSECOCK breaks in like a whip, hits like a rubber hose, and hurts like a HORSECOCK only can.

They're available in any color scheme you can imagine.  And once you get your hands on one, you can't imagine playing with anything else.


Each one retails for $110


Pony Peckers (Regular & Uncircumsized)

So one day, Ellie says, "Hey, how 'bout a HORSECOCK that isn't so thick?"

Naturally, I said, "Sure, why not?"

The Pony Pecker is just that. A 14 inch HORSECOCK lead shot bag covered by leather braiding.  It's designed to be less thuddy and more lightening quick.  It leaves a hell of a mark.

For added fun, you can even make it an Uncircumsized Pony Pecker with the addition of a leather tail. It'll add that extra snap to make it an even more versatile toy.

Pony Pecker retails for $100.

Uncircumsized Pony Peckers retail for $110.

Pony Pecker Order Form

Puppy Pounder (with/without Full Lipstick)

A bit of the best of both worlds.  The Puppy Pounder is a 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1).  One end the thickness of a HORSECOCK tapering down to the thickness of a Pony Pecker.  It's wonderfully versatile and provides all kinds of sensations.

For extra fun, you can get it with the Full Lipstick.  The addition of the tail creating another dimension to play

Puppy Pounder retails for $110

Puppy Pounder With Full Lipstick retails for $120

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Donkey Dong

Where there are perverts, there are size queens/kings/etc. Somebody who needs, who wants, who has to have, can't live without...BIG.  So, in deference to these desires, I give you... DONKEY DONG!

And it is BIG.

Each Donkey Dong is 14 inches of lead shot loaded and Latigo leather thump.  Whip-style braided with two knots to give you a tool you can do deep, heavy thud with.

Donkey Dong retails for $150

Donkey Dong Order Form


A good friend asked us for something special.  They needed a heavy, handheld toy they could use for rough body play. A heavy handfull to add a lot to a punch; but at the same time be useful for light massage.  Akin to a roll of quarters...but far more practical (unless you have laundry to do). Thus was born the Hawgcock.

Hawgcock is surprisingly heavy and packs a wonderful wallop.

Hawgcock retails for $30 for 1 or $50 for 2

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