Other Items

Some of the items we sell are outside of the regular categories.  Thus, we put them in here.  These items tend to be completely custom, so we can only give an estimate after we've gotten the information we need from you.

Collars and Cuffs

We normally prefer making collars and cuffs custom to guarantee they fit comfortably and securely. They also look much more grand that way.  In the past, we've used deer skin, braided leather, simple metal rings, tooled and stamped veg-tan leather, and many other items to make some really beautiful pieces.

Prices vary based on the design.

Drum Sticks

A slightly different taste than our normal fare.  These are hardwood dowel rods that have their ends blunted, polyurethaned, and then given a braided handle. They're wonderful for rhythmic drumming, hard strikes, or just pressing into flesh and twisting ever so gently.

Dragon Tails

We recenty added dragon tails to our line up.  It's a slightly different design than normal.  It's a tightly wrapped leather hide wrapped round a nylon rope.  A braid-wrapped wooden handle.  It doesn't pop so much as snap.  It has an interesting weight and leaves welts.

The Dragon Tails are available in 2 foot and 3 foot lengths.


2 Foot Dragon Tails retail for $60

3 Foot Dragon Tails retail for $100


We offer several types of whips: signal, snake, and other varieties.  They are all custom pieces made to order for you.  Please contact us for more information as to what kind of whip you desire.