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We offer a variety of leather paddles. Each one is cut, custom dyed, carved, embossed, stitched, and edged by hand. As a result, each one is unique.  We offer several styles for all manner of play and tastes. And of course, we love custom orders.

Round Paddles

A smaller paddle whose shape contours nicely to the hands. The paddle is about 10 inches long and about 5 inches at its' widest. The design allows it to be ambidextrous and small enough to fit in the back pocket of a pair of men's jeans. Like all our paddles, it has a layered Latigo leather core to give it a bit of heft as well as a bit of sting. Like all our paddles, they're available in whatever color you desire. One of the things we like to do is put a variety of symbols on them from cultures world wide so they're a unique piece with a bit of significance to it. And the tooling allows it to potentially imprint on the skin.

Every paddle is smooth edged. We use sinew to hold the paddle together, as it's much stronger than thread.

If you have a custom image, send it to us and it can be put on a paddle for you.

Round Paddles retail for $70

Carved Round Paddles start at $80

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Square Paddles

A larger paddle that delivers a big, flat smack. Lots and lots and lots of sting. The paddle is a simple rectangle roughly 6 inches wide and 13 inches long (including the handle). The larger area also allows for more complex carvings.  The core of the paddle is the Latigo ply giving it a hefty thump and a wicked sting.

We LOVE custom work with these, as they allow for much wonderful art and expression.

Plain Square Paddles Retail for $80

Carved Square Paddles start at $90

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Bettie Paddles

Another of our signature items are the Bettie Paddles.  While initially the paddles had a carving of Bettie Page on it, we've expanded into all kinds of images for them celebrating sensuality and diversity.

Each paddle is about 16 inches long (including the handle) and about 4 inches wide. They tend to be a bit heavy, which allows them to pack a heavy smack with every swing. The core is made of an extra heavy variation of the Latigo ply.

Each one is unique.

Bettie Paddles retail for $100

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Irish-Style Tawse

In public schools in the United Kingdom infractions by students were punished with a special tool: a heavy leather strap. The strap would be slapped on the palm of a childs' hands. Any wavering of the hand on the students' behalf was considered "bad form". Depending on the school, it would also be used on their rear as well.

So we had to make one of our own.

Our version is based on the Irish style of the Tawse. It consists of a sandwich of two slabs of heavy leather with a Latigo core. It's heavy, but at the same time it retains a certain whippy nature to it. It's hard and quick to swing and oh so much fun. The Irish-style Tawse is about 16 and a half inches long and about 2 inches wide. It looks gorgeous plain, but takes to carving quite well. They are available in any color.

Regular Irish-Style Tawse retail for $80

Carved Irish-Style Tawse start at $90

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The Kentucky Prison Strap

The Kentucky Prison Strap is based in part on the legendary Louisiana Prison Strap. However, unlike the heavy and unwieldy Louisiana version, this one has been streamlined for a new century. Faster, whippier, meaner.

Each handle is 14 inches long and covered with a 12 plaited braid and two pineapple knots on either end.. The actual strap is 28 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and about a quarter of an inch thick. The strap is very flexible, which allows it to do all those wonderful things that makes it oh so much fun.

Kentucky Prison Straps retail for $150

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The Kentucky Jail Strap

It occurred to us the Kentucky Prison Strap, while wonderful, is still a bit too big and unwieldy for a lot of play spaces. What someone who wanted one may need is less prison and more jaily.  Thus, we made the Kentucky Jail Strap.

Shorter 12 plaited braided handle (roughly 9 inches), strap length (roughly 14 inches), but with the same width. It smacks hard and mean; but still gives a pretty good thud with lighter swings. We don't THINK you can crack it like the Prison Strap...but hey, never know what can happen in the right (or extremely wrong) hands.

The Kentucky Jail Strap retails for $100

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